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Cori Bush
It’s simple, really. We want to cancel student and medical debt because we believe education and healthcare are human rights.
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Denny Utter Nov 18
Replying to @CoriBush
The American people have been exploited by the student loan industry and healthcare industry
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Maryann T. Fox Nov 19
Replying to @dennyutter @CoriBush
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CryptoK9 Nov 19
I'm polish, I'll take some of that good stuff you are giving out
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Mónica Perry Nov 18
Replying to @CoriBush @AOC
I like these ideas. I just want to include food and shelter.
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Alan Colner Nov 18
....and clothing, transportation (automobile), entertainment and vacations.
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Replying to @CoriBush
Education? lmao just google it. Healthcare? lmao just diet and exercise. Y'all are overthinking this stuff. Why? Because y'all are scamming.
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Toxtricity stan account👑 Nov 18
I cannot believe a broken arm can be fixed with just an two oranges and a banana while running on a treadmill thank you random twitter guy
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Brittany Nov 18
Replying to @CoriBush
It’s simple really. I shouldn’t have to be pay for someone else’s education that didn’t have the foresight or critical thinking skills to realize they would have to pay back that loan.
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Mae-a-vette (she/her) Nov 20
Replying to @Heizer50 @CoriBush
Boooooooooo Later Karen!
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