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John 'America First Nationalist' Salisbury 22 Aug 18
Check out the Lawyer for the Illegal Immigrant murderer in Iowa. This almost cements in my mind this is some sort of setup or coverup. You don't go hire a Lawyer with professional misconduct problems on a murder case. Time for some serious diving on this one...
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Corey Lynn - Corey's Digs 22 Aug 18
Replying to @5Strat @POTUS
I find it especially coincidental that the license renewal date happens to be 7/29/18, 11 days after she went missing.
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Corey Lynn - Corey's Digs
Okay, yeah. Fishy as hell. So we have "witch hunt" used in an article from 2003. We have an attorney that went to the University of Arkansas, class of 1991. 🙄 He just renewed his license 11 days after the murder. Way too many coincidences for me.
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Jane A Doe 23 Aug 18
Allan Max Richards current atty at Richards Law;applied for IA Supreme Court 6/28/18 Lots of info☝️Lincoln Highway Association, Pres&Consul, preservation, educ,& promotion of first transcontinental highway across the U.S.A. Advocate.🚩
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