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We are introducing new voting . It is now up to you to decide who will be . 🤙 Nominate your favorite under this post. 😁 You have time till the end of the . ➡️Read more:
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Ivan Georgiev Dec 17
Replying to @CoinDeal_
I'm voting for IOTA
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CoinDeal Dec 17
Replying to @IvanGeo12623371
We've already got this coin.
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Dmitro Dec 30
Replying to @CoinDeal_
When such a strong team of developers gathers together with an actual and strong idea, the project clearly deserves great success. a very promising stable project. It has really cool plans for the future and a good known team, which definitely inspires confidence.
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CoinDeal Dec 30
Replying to @Dmitro05347396
Thank you for being with us! We're doing our best!
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BOB 🇮🇩 Dec 27
Vote mon 0.5 150
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CoinKit Dec 27
Replying to @Mrcrypto97
Monetizing is set up for this Tweet! The next 150 Users will each receive 0.5 tzc for their retweet.
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Gaelin McBride Dec 17
Replying to @CoinDeal_ @MetrixCoin
For a real project, with real users, and real development... I would recommend listing
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Yellow Tether Dec 18
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ChalyRos Dec 18
Replying to @CoinDeal_ @ex_picture
Keep an eye on this throughout 2020. Real use case and a growing .
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