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& Bruce Dixon have no political agenda that motivates anyone to do anything political. It's all hate under the guise of political activism.
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Complete nonsense. 's podiatrist Dr. Watkins already explained this. is a lineage and you can not control who an entire lineage supports. Majority Democrat however I have met Greens, Independents and Republicans and it's OK. No single party is great.
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We've been able to hire one woman out of Nigeria for clerical but import/export is a whole different ball game. No one is more professional than us. Perhaps you missed the point. I do not want this resolved for MYSELF but for all which will require embassy support.
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Zach Carter 18h
Joe Biden devoted decades of his career to conservative policy experiments that ended in disaster.
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✊🏾100% Talking to our entertainment instead of our thinkers is an ABSOLUTE INSULT.
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Anthony 🏁 18h
Replying to @OfficialCBC
and stop pandering to the Black Community with that / BULLSHIT! Black Entertainers don’t speak for the Black community! When Indians have problems in America do they send Bollywood actors to discuss the solutions? HELL NO!
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Replying to @brucedixon
Ben "Loser" Dixon isn't fighting any power. OK. His life's work has amounted to a raggedy website that hasn't galvanized any group to do ANYTHING. Lets deal with reality, Ben. Unlike You inspire nor motivate no group. You have NO movement stay out of the way.
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They come from nowhere slow and upset because they couldn't even attract flies with the nonsensical rhetoric they spew. Bruce "Loser" Dixon isn't fighting any power. OK. His life's work has amounted to a raggedy website that hasn't galvanized any group to do ANYTHING.
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BreakingBrown (Yvette Carnell) 15h
You can’t tell me to stand in the flame when u run from the heat... out here standing, while too many Black folk still goof balling. Y’all gone learn tho
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BreakingBrown (Yvette Carnell) 9h
It’s so hypocritical that the folk who seem obsessed with fighting are the same ones accusing ADOS of not taking the fight to empire. Ur not fighting empire either Negro; ur fighting other Black folk, and denying us our right to citizenship while ur at it 👀🇺🇸🤷🏽‍♀️
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Tezlyn Figaro 10h
Again! I’m discussing a PERSONAL WORKPLACE GRIEVANCE under Bernie’s vision. I have NEVER worked for t/other 800 candidates. I’m sharing my PERSONAL story that I have tired 2work out privately for the last year. If I worked at Walmart why the hell would I be talking about Target?
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The 1st Lady of Love 15h
Who would be Paid? Darity an economist at Duke University and a leading scholar on reparations, suggests two qualifying conditions: having at least one ancestor who was enslaved in the United States
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Ark Republic May 22
Everything is on time. No apologies we're ready to hear your story.
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Antonio Moore 17h
Because blacks haven’t been doing politics we don’t know how it works. This was a photo op not a meeting on a real Black Agenda. The is not deciding policy. And neither or are qualified to advocate for policy.
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Exactly. They should have taken a list of actual demands from actual economist and thinkers or brought a couple with them. We need thinkers that are willing to make real demands just in case we end up with a second term.
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🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 Thank you all so much for signing H.R.40. Your time, participation and support has not gone unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. We are holding a conference in October and would love for you all to join us. 🇺🇸
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No Candidate yet for the black vote
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doesn't understand media or doesn't care. Left wing media came at and took a loss in jobs which he knows. Now they are going after Pan-Africans. I do not agree with PA but they are black. You don't allow dehumanization of black groups because it spreads.
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Anytime . Have you guys seen this story? The Bernie Sanders folks are trying to tear this sister down for her racism lawsuit. It's quite a bit to read through but very interesting.
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Ben Carson's Oreo Mishap & Group Loyalty in the Era
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