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Cinema Welcome is online movie for and . Watch films together or distribute your works!
Tweets May 17
Great News from 🤗 This week we are taking part at the Cannes Film Festival - the largest international community of film professionals. We are looking forward to share some photos with you soon, so keep in touch with us!
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brings independent filmmakers together with unlimited audience from around the globe at one place at the same time! The platform serves as a perfect place for showing premiers!
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Do you know how to make friends?🤔 Easy!👇 ✅Let’s watch the video and get to know how you can find new friends and have fun at the same time!
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Cinemawelcome once again took part in the most important exhibition of the film industry American Market and we expect cool projects that will be shown on !
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We sent tokens to all who correctly did all the tasks of the airdrop. If you did not receive the tokens, please read pin message
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Dear friends! Our airdrop will be ending this Friday! And we will start send Applause Cash tokens to your CinemaWelcome account next week!
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Hi! Thank You for watching! Please read
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Replying to @RLaushko
Thank You! And welcome to CinemaWelcome!
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Watch movies and get paid!
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pays for watching movies! Watch movie on ang get paid right now!
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Hi Thank you so much! Please, join our , open your cinema theater, show your movie or watch movies and always get paid for it! Welcome to !
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We are pleased to announce that our is up and running! Please, join to get extra APLC and refer your friends (to get more APLC)! This is one-time unique and special offer! Welcome to !
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Welcome to CinemaWelcome! Check out " Conference "
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Hi all! CinemaWelcome is growing fast and has a lot of great events coming up this and next months! Together with Italian crypto guru, Davide Lombardi, we are speaking in Rome on April 28th! A lot of new info, great atmosphere!
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The skyrocket leaves for an exciting journey to the Moon! Passengers, who haven't purchased tickets yet or would like to upgrade, still have unique opportunity to book luxury seats by the window! Hurry up! Only last hour of ICO is +90% !
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Brian Lewis 26 Feb 18
I love the entrepreneurial spirit, I love films and independent filmmaking. I'm combining that passion as an advisor to , a new blockchain-based platform for watching and showcasing films and helping new filmmakers.
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Welcome to CinemaWelcome! Our ICO is coming to an end! Do not miss a lucky chance to get your bonus!
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