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Chuka Umunna
The PM has waved the white flag on Britain's interests. She should protect our membership of the Single Market. Please retweet
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Malcolm Clark Mar 20
You voted to trigger Article 50 big white flag waiver...take your own advice and don't wage the white flag
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Prixpics Mar 20
Is Gisela your Brexit minder Chuka? Careful she doesn't do something to your back. Or is she of the Jess frontal approach type?
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Prue Bray Mar 20
unfortunately, Labour (with some honourale exceptions) have raised white flag on opposing Tories.
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Thom Brooks Mar 20
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Gary Russell Mar 20
. oh *now* complain after steadfastly marching behind her into Brexit rather than offer any opposition so *we* reap what you sow
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