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TheLastRefuge 3 Oct 18
Yeah, ok so we've got Dr. Blasey-Ford in Rehoboth Beach, DE, on 26th July 2018. We've got her life-long BFF, Monica L McLean, who worked as attorney and POI in DOJ/FBI in Rehoboth Beach, DE. At same time she wrote letter to DiFi. [Same BFF she coached on lie detector testing.]
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✨💫AllWhoWanderAreNotLost 💫✨
I also think McLen took the polygraph...see photo on left..and see notes about the diff in the two women..
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MarthaW 3 Oct 18
Right... who takes a polygraph the day of her GM funeral? And who gives one at an emotional time? No wonder Mitchell’s head spun. Then Ford didn’t know what day she took it, the day of the funeral or next day. Who’d forget? It was the month before! Ooops.
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MitchyBoy 64 3 Oct 18
think mclean is fatter , agree the pic of her takin the poly is dodgy likeness wise , maybe why they aint realeasing the poly video
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🇺🇸Spitfirechef🇺🇸🎗 3 Oct 18
I knew it I kept looking at her pics I swear she looks like an older version of that Amy Schumer actress 🧐 And no I’m not crazy but something just wasn’t right with her
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TinyTexan 3 Oct 18
By golly, you are right! Good catch!
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Spotted Reptile❌ 3 Oct 18
Holy sh*t. Awesome catch 👏😸
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Sunshine 3 Oct 18
I agree, two different profiles, two different women.
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Jane Anderson 3 Oct 18
I actually don't agree - I think the woman taking the polygraph is Ford, before her makeover. It's the same nose. Her hair was re-done to not be such bad dye job.
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Cindi Turchik ❌ 3 Oct 18
Certainly looks like Ford. Prior to her make over for a national audience. Ford may see the inside of a grand jury room!!!
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