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Charlotte Cornell 🌹
Want to turn Dover & Deal red? Help show the right wing the exit by volunteering to help here:
With a General Election finally her, we are ready to fight a disastrous No Deal Brexit and to start rebuilding a Britain for the many, rather than just for Johnson and his wealthy cronies. Only...
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Anna Phoebe Dec 1
Postal vote done. 🌹
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Charlotte Cornell 🌹 Dec 1
Thank you x
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Mel Lloyd Nov 18
I want us to stay in Europe, support our allies, protect our rights and environment as best we can, and protect the NHS from any future predatory Tory government. We've already lost the EMA cos of Art 50 - and staff leaving. Brexit risks the entire future of the NHS.
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bobfrost (nbLittleGem) Nov 1
Regret unable to attend. Please accept my apologies. Washing hair. (btw what 'right wing'? afaik all we've had in Dover is a couple of dozen knuckle-dragging semi-articulate NF idiots)
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