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. on trying to soften the punishment of a student disciplined for raping a classmate because "he carries a 3.9 grade point average and is considered an essential member of one of ASU’s research teams."
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Khloé 10h
save the internet and defend     CALL: 202-418-1000 (FCC) Or text RESIST to 504-09 Every call and every letter counts before the December 14th vote. You can also sign this petition:
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Chely Wright 12h
I just learned that a dear friend of nearly 30 years was a victim (at age 14) of this sexual predator. Please read, sign and share this petition.
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Ten stories from our publication you loved most in 2017 including , stories of people impacted by the Movement, citizen action in response to Charlottesville & more
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You heard the man! 🙌🏾
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"We the fans are calling for Supergirl to not be changed or Legends of Tomorrow to be moved to another night."
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Replying to @phoenixnewtimes
Thank you for letting us know. But the student can still file another appeal by January 8th?
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PhoenixNewTimes 14h
ASU student expelled over rape allegation.
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The petition is supporting now has more than 19,000 supporters.
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(((WJC))) 19h
10,000 signatures and counting! Hristo Lukov supported the deportation of 11,343 Jews. And since 2003, this anti-Semite is being celebrated on the streets of Sofia. In a few months, Lukov will be celebrated again. Unless we act now. Sign the petition:
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Almost 150k supporters have signed a petition requesting transition to a more humane breed of chicken in their supply chain.
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Jordan Figueiredo (.) has started several successful campaigns on our platform to salvage edible food and reduce hunger. He's celebrated here by as one of three pioneers working to fight food waste.
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Save Net Neutrality - Sign the Petition! via
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Tony Marcano Dec 12
Department of Justice: Do Not Deport Award-Winning Journalist Emilio Gutierrez to Mexico! - Sign the ... via
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Newsweek Dec 12
Homeland Security chemical attack tests could turn people into lab rats, residents say
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Protected by the article, of course. Often referred to as the Fourth Estate.
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For the record, , it is true that petitions alone do not change things. The people behind them, however, do. They are the ones responsible for freeing political prisoners, raising money for clemency recipients and much more on our platform.
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Today, Internet users across the world are joining forces to and save . Here's how you can help:
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. on the love of that brought the infamous cluster back together for one more finale.
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Charlotte Hill Dec 12
As Alabama votes, remember -- if you're a subscriber, your monthly payments might be funding Roy Moore's election campaign.
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