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While serving her prison sentence, Angela endured physical, mental, and verbal abuse. After being released, a new case is open, which might send her back. She's asking for compassion, and for her case to be closed. 700+ have signed, will you?
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Will started his petition because he knows the farmland in Clark County is irreplacable. He does not want to see its 5000 acres covered by industrial solar panels. More than 1,700 people are asking Clark County officials to reconsider. Will you sign?
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It's been five months since was killed. Today, more than 500 radio and TV ads will start airing across Kentucky, demanding and urging viewers and listeners to hold Kentucky lawmakers accountable.
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Livestream link updated here: ! Watch now to see hundreds of petition signers demanding justice for Breonna Taylor in their own words
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LIVE NOW: , , , and -- this livestream amplifies the voices of hundreds of petition signers. Almost 11 million voices demand . When will you act? Tune in to hear their powerful pleas:
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Let the kids play! 🪁 Ashley started her petition because she wants a playground to be built at the Sandra Moon Complex in South Huntsville, Alabama. More than 260 people are asking to consider building it. Will you sign?
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NowThis Jul 30
The George Floyd Hologram Memorial Project went live at a Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, VA. The project aims to ‘transform spaces that were formerly occupied by racist symbols of America’s dark Confederate past into a message of hope, solidarity, and forward-thinking change.’
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As transitions to a remote fall semester, Tyler knows there should be a change in the tuition paid. That's why he started a petition asking for Michigan State to lower their tuition for the fall. Almost 1000 have signed. Will you?
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As October approaches, more than 700 people have signed a petition to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day. The petition starter wrote that "the story of Indigenous Peoples' is often a forgotten or ignored piece of history." Will you sign?
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Laura started a petition because she knows it's time to end the tradition of horse and carriage tours in Boston. She's hoping will realize it's "unfair, cruel, and inhumane to the animals that are affected." 1,430 have signed so far. Will you?
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VICTORY! More than 400,000 joined this petition by advocates – including survivors – working to ban FGM/C in Massachusetts. This week, the governor signed a law banning the practice. This is a big win in the movement to
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Ask to support making a federal holiday! 93-year-old Ms. Opal Lee has more than 1.4 million Americans behind her campaign to make Juneteenth a holiday. Tell Sen. Johnson to speak with Ms. Opal about his "NO" vote!
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Can you spare a minute to share a video about why you demand justice for Breonna Taylor? Your stories, along with the 10 million+ signatures on Loralei's petition, will help turn up the pressure on Kentucky lawmakers.
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One million people have backed 93-year-old Opal Lee's petition to make a national holiday. But is fighting the effort. See Ms. Opal's message to Sen. Johnson, and then ask Sen. Johnson to talk with Ms. Opal about Juneteenth
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Mike depends on the U.S. Postal Service for his job. He's worried that lawmakers may drastically cut funding for the USPS. In a matter of minutes, his petition to will cross 1 million signers. Add your name
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More than 400,000 people have signed a petition calling on Massachusetts lawmakers to ban female genital mutilation (FGM). After over a year of pressure, a bill sits on the desk of . Will he sign it into law? Add your name now:
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Ruben is an avid fan of Kansas City football. He also knows it is time for the Chiefs to change their name. Almost 200 have signed his petition asking to consider changing the mascot. Will you sign?
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On Saturday in Birmingham, AL we wrapped up our week-long tour of the George Floyd Hologram Project through the South at the 16th Street Baptist Church, which was once bombed by the KKK, to mark the spirit of resiliency in the fight for racial equality.
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And a bill to is now on the desk of Massachusetts Governor . Add your name now to encourage Gov. Baker to sign this into law:
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Beautiful highlights from the hologram event in Asheville, NC. A young girl got to experience the magic of this art form & the power of images to reclaim symbols from the past & create a vision for our future. Tonight, we're taking the George Floyd Hologram Project to Atlanta.
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