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The people have spoken and is delivering. Mark your calendars – Spicy Chicken Nuggets are coming back on Aug. 19.
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After Youtuber Etika's death, over 8,000 fans are asking for to restore his channel so they can "...remember his legacy."
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Hey ! Once you get settled in at , there are 220,000+ customers who'd love to hear your thoughts on bringing a plant-based burger to the U.S 🍔🌱
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Chicagoans are fighting back with a petition to save 's "Worldview" from cancellation. The has the latest:
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“We’ve proven that when we listen to our customers, good things happen,” from said. Yet, more than 200,000 customers are wondering when McDonald's will listen to customer demand for a plant-based burger.
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Over 70,000 people have signed a petition calling for TIME to make Keanu Reeves, the "Internet's Boyfriend," their Person of the Year. What's your favorite Keanu Reeves role?
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A year ago, thousands of you rallied to honor Anthony Bourdain and made sure that would continue to stream "Parts Unknown" in an inspiring victory. Tanner, the petition starter, shared his thoughts on Bourdain's legacy.
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300,000 women die from cervical cancer every year. Ana is on a mission to fix this problem. She needs your support to help convince the US Senate to act.
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Are you affected by the skyrocketing price of insulin? Christian and his girlfriend are, and they're demanding that lawmakers do something to help patients pay for this life-saving drug.
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Hundreds have signed a petition in support of allowing Virginia Beach city employees to bring guns to work. What do you think?
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300,000 customers have 1 message for : eliminate single-use plastic bags.
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More than 300,000 want to become a retail industry leader in curbing single-use plastic bag pollution. Will you join their fight?
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Quickly approaching 400,000 supporters, 's Equality Act petition is gaining great momentum and support. Read 's response to the campaign:
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Under pressure from an Archbishop, Cathedral High School fired a teacher for being in a public, same-sex marriage. This , the community is asking for a reversal of this discriminatory decision. Sign to help them stand up for LGBTQ rights.
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Tina shot her husband after 4 straight days of physical and sexual abuse in order to save herself and her 7-year-old son. Now she's facing up to 15-years in prison. Join over 65,000 people in asking for a .
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VICTORY! The import and export of shark fins is now banned in Canada, thanks to the support of over 300,000 people, and the leadership of and .
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McDonald's says their sales are booming after a switch from frozen patties to fresh burger patties. Imagine what sales could look like if they also added a plant-based burger to their menu?
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BREAKING - has shared her support for 's petition. "We have a lot more work to do. Fighting for civil rights is never convenient, and it’s never easy. But it is always worth the fight."
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Huge progress for the Equality Act petition! Senators , , , and have shared their support for 's petition and urged their fellow senators to do the same. See more.
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Should companies like continue to use single-use plastic bags, even though millions end up in waterways and in wildlife areas?
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