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Tweets Sep 20
Announcement: Is Being Open Sourced If you have any questions or need assistance please write to us at **We will never ask you for your seed or private keys to provide support**
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Replying to @0xca333 @polycrypt0
This is the only true and streamlined DEX
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Kadan "ca333" Stadelmann Jul 4
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Vacante de Empleo: Desarrollador Web Senior Nivel de Ingles: Full Tipo de Contrato: Freelance / 40 Horas
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AtomicDEX May 13
We have released version 0.215 for and . The new beta version contains the following changes. - Added Orderbooks - Added the pairs and - Removed VOTE2020 - Various fixes and improvements - Updated atomicDEX core
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Se busca Ingeniero Senior de . Nivel de Ingles: Alto Acelera tu carrera y encuentra un trabajo virtual o teletrabajo hoy!
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Komodo ($KMD) D-A-CH Apr 11
Successful between based coin and in decentralized . possible too... Technical documentation:
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PTYX Apr 8
here's an overview of how 's AtomicDEX works in practice. Serverless and trustless atomic swaps for ETH / ERC20-> BTC, ZEC, XTZ and more.
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PTYX Mar 24
Add your project to a fully decentralized, native atomic swaps, and cross-chain compatibility with BTC, ETH, and many other protocols. Write me for details
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Thank you for supporting the elections.
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Magnum Wallet Feb 28
. Notary Node Elections 2020 is coming🔜 Vote coins will be distributed to all addresses including those that are stored on and devices🔐 Just hold on the date of the snapshot to receive Vote coins and vote directly inside Magnum Wallet🗳️
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Komodo Feb 22
Meet Jason Brown, Komodo's head of in the North America region. Jason is primarily focused on finding suitable integrations and collaborations to aid achieving the mass adoption of Komodo . Learn more about Jason here.
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Komodo Feb 18
Meet Torsten Sándor, Komodo's Technical Manager. Outside the day-to-day operations, his focus is on solutions and enterprise marketing, researching and promoting real-world use cases for Komodo. Learn more about Torsten here.
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Good addition!
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Komodo Feb 13
Meet Charles “PTYX” Gonzales, Komodo's new Business Developer. Our team is currently crafting together a business strategy and objectives for 2020. Get to know Gonzales and learn more about his background and his goals for Komodo here.
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LunarCRUSH Social Listening for Cryptocurrencies Feb 10
Komodo social volume has moved up to a 1-month high on 378 posts today.
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is making it easy for companies to use and develop new applications.
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Legal IT Abogad@s Feb 9
en el ámbito legal: Ocho casos de uso real ⬇️ via
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Kadan "ca333" Stadelmann Feb 5
The Season 4 Notary Node are coming! Do you know how to properly use a server? Do you want to earn ~1500 per month? Are you able to ? Great! You most certainly qualify for 's annual Notary Node !
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