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Cedric Biscay
Terry Diebold that we have invited several years ago at just informed me that he wants to sell his Nintendo PlayStation official prototype. I am very curious to know about the final price for this ! I guess a crazy World Record will happen...
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Culture Geek | Subbacultcha Oct 1
Is there an auction on eBay ?
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Cedric Biscay Oct 1
I guess it will happen quite soon. I do not like to share auctions but I had to write about this because it is a piece of the video games History.
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Ryan Brown 🎮❤️ Oct 2
Has anyone had it valued? I'm REALLY keen for this not to fall into the hands of a rich collector who will hide it away forever. Fully prepared to put the work in to crowdfund its purchase for a museum.
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terry diebold Oct 2
I'm open too see if this would or could be possible! You can reach me at
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kelsey lewin Oct 2
I’m surprised to see everyone reporting this as news when this has always been Terry’s plan for the console. He’s turned down multiple six figure offers over the years and toured with it hoping to build awareness and solicit a higher offer.
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JohnRiggs+ Oct 2
I would, too! It was a free vacation ticket a few times a year. Worked out great for him.
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Liam Robertson Oct 2
This thing belongs in a museum such as The Strong Museum of Play. I hope he considers selling it/donating it to them.
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alphabetiGAL Oct 2
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Nick Evans Oct 2
... so do you (sorry couldn't resist)
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