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Caspar Salmon
I know we're living in the endtimes and this isn't *actually* funny, but it has made me faintly hysterical this morning. Can't stop saying "fuck fuck business".
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Travis 29 May 19
Would have made a good song....
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Thomas Stern 29 May 19
"To the people who say fuck fuck business, I say fuck fuck fuck business."
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Caspar Salmon 29 May 19
Replying to @mutablejoe
You say that, but I'm not in the fuck fuck business business myself.
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Norm Wilner 29 May 19
I like the strategy, too. Just assess Johnson's position on an issue and adopt an even dumber one.
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Brian Holmes 29 May 19
Replying to @CasparSalmon
Is a double fuck like a double negative?
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Soliloquy 30 May 19
Perhaps they remember the solicitors "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck & Sons"
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