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South Wales Police Roads Policing Unit Jan 16
Inc 900 A loose horse on the 'mane' A48 Eastern Ave decided it wanted to 'stirrup' a little trouble but in doing so it risked falling 'foal' of the law. It then decided to alight an which was on it's way to the Heath Hostable! Road now re open.
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I Loves The 'Diff Jan 16
Replying to @SWP_Roads @Cardiffbus
Amazing. But the equestrian remains - other than a) what the heck’s going on there then, and b) is that punning even legal? - how much does a horse pay to ride a Cardiff Bus??
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Cardiff bus
Thankfully the bus is back in it's stable, but awaiting a clean :(
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Helen Weatherhead Jan 17
Hey! Would love to speak to the driver for for - can you follow me so I can DM you? 🐴
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Cardiff bus Jan 17
Hi Helen we are currently following you
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Philippa Cross Jan 17
Replying to @Cardiffbus @SWP_Roads
Love this story. Genius of your driver to help get the horse to safety and enable traffic to get moving again!
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Dan Grey Jan 17
But thank you though. Rescuing that horse was a really good thing to do.
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πŸ”‡ Matt Rosser 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Jan 16
You guys.
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Chris King Jan 17
Wouldn't that be more of a mucking-out ?
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