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I love removal. I love removal more than anything else in Magic. So you bet I love cheap removal that can take care of a Questing Beast. Card Kingdom is happy to preview an old favorite, Grasp of Darkness. Thanks to for the free Preview card!
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The Azorius Senate says you should stay home Jun 9
That's a Pauper playable.
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Krise Jun 9
It is already Pauper legal
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joe Jun 9
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Brian the Reprobate 🔴 Jun 9
Removal and interaction are literally what makes Magic the best card game 👌
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zombienoxx - #MTGM21 Jun 9
Super Sweet!!
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Trevor Colwell Jun 9
Replying to @Card_Kingdom
jk flatten
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Serpens Jun 9
"What am I, chopped liver?" Noxious Grasp to you, probably
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Jax Jun 9
Noxious grasp isn't nearly as flexible. Sure, this doesn't hit pws, but wow does this kill so many more creatures. This is a whoooole lot better in limited, and competitive with it in standard.
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