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Natasha Geraldine 11h
Stylus in the groove Sweet medley Tuned Instrumental Harmonies Ramp up the beat Wait for the drop Out of rhythm Classic blues Techno kisses In the mix To Smooth soul And all that jazz Eclectic love
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Lydia Loveless Feb 15
A lot of people are confiding in me that they are gutted and hurt by the Ryan Adams news. Please know the people who should be gutted and hurt are his victims, not people who are going to miss his overrated songs
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meman mevegan Feb 16
I will call my vegan sausages 'sausages' if I want to. Nobody owns the word 'sausage'. It doesn't belong to any type of food. I've seen beef and chicken sausages so it's all bullshit. It's a bloody vegan sausage. Deal with it.
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Replying to @_RavioliQueen_
Love that color
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Georgianna Epp Jan 29
Replying to @hoIIaback @KnackPhoto
My January favs <3333
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Ellery Feb 15
Hey photogs! Lower your ego and respect that models have artistic vision toOoOOoo
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Replying to @Ibarionex
listening to your story of anxiety makes me feel less alone. The feeling of palpitations that happen out of the blue is really frustrating sometimes.
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Replying to @Ibarionex
thanks again for allowing us behind the scenes. This helped more than you may know.
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Replying to @CWDaly
I also stuttered & still do if I don’t slow down.
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So happy you did this ⁦⁩, every now and then we really need to hear your past, current stories , & future plans. Funny I was thinking of ways to have people on “Through My Lens ⁦⁩” & this episode is really helping.
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Replying to @ant_pruitt
Lol most definitely you
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Kristan Baggaley Feb 11
on 100x100cm Canvas “Rain Clouds Closing In, Grindsbrook Clough, Kinder Scout”  
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Through My Lens Feb 16
Come along on this journey as we get Brutally Honest with ⁦⁩ on the latest episode with Learn from Ant about being a better online citizen.
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Ant Pruitt Feb 16
How to create next-level smartphone photography with lens attachments -
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I don’t like free stuff 😉
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Replying to @vichudson1 @dsamaddar
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