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CNN Tonight
.: "My issue with Kanye West is quite simple -- is that anti-intellectualism simply isn't cool."
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swagger 10 Oct 18
This is your typical 🦀 mentality when one of us step out of the box, is to pull him or her down. We all can’t be liberals, we all can’t think the same and we’re definitely not obligated to vote democrat because we’re black. Change your thinking change your life.
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MasterGoshujin_RA 10 Oct 18
Has nothing to do with us stepping out of the box his mentality is totally wrong as well as his takes are bad. Not obligated to vote Democrat but be able to prove your point without lies and take it when your wrong.
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1maximumcrypto 11 Oct 18
This is appalling in so many levels even for your standards CNN. You say is Trump, that's dividing this country. Truth be told is the media and journalist like you have demonstrated time and time again.
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#201852🌏 11 Oct 18
Shouldn’t America have a Broadcasting Standards Commission mandated to deal with erring broadcast stations n adverts? So many ills been run on cnn n no one is being punished allows seeds of hate to spread n fester
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-=GO DUCKS=- 9 Oct 18
Absolutely cringe worthy, the whole segment. I would say this is beneath you, and a surprise shift from your norms, but it's neither. CC
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R 10 Oct 18
Racist CNN
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