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A successful CXM team requires a deep bench of cross-functional experts and these must-have skills. Is your brand ready to step up to the plate?
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Is your brand ACE-ing social media?
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Diversity AND inclusion are must-haves for business performance. Nail that and reap the resulting benefits:
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With customer experience top of mind, the role of the CIO has evolved to the 'Chief Enabler' of digital transformation. Breaking down the key areas where CIOs have the biggest impact.
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Intuit Apr 8
In the age of digital transformation, the “Chief Information Officer” role is so much more than back-end IT. It’s customer-facing, revenue-driving, and—according to Intuit CIO Atticus Tysen—crucial to having better insights for decision making.
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Customer Experience Management (CXM) begins and ends with the customer journey. Can't-miss key learnings from brands embracing the next phase of customer-centric business transformation.
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The blueprint to building the modern enterprise? It all starts with collaboration, agility and alignment. Key insights from the executives who know it best -
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Paul Shanks, Creative Services Director reveals how it’s delivering diverse solutions to new markets and audiences through personalised experiences.
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The most fundamental truth about CXM is that it begins—and ends—with the customer journey.
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Reaching the right people is more important than reaching the most people, says @alberthogann of . Watch here:
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In this age of personalisation, new rules apply says Axel Schaefer at . Are you ready?
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In a world of hyper-personalisation, make sure you're not falling behind the rest. See how to deliver cross-channel experience that wow:
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Ready to experiment with ? Make sure your data is in order first, says at . Watch here:
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Machine Learning will help, but some things will always need that human touch says from . More here:
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We've harnessed the power of to take care of laborious tasks, so you can focus on work that adds real value. See Adobe's Bridget Perry talking live at :
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. are championing the use of to spell the end of the troll, says VP at . Watch his keynote panel here:
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Great customer experience makes a great brand. It's time to level up, says 's at .
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Think you're producing a lot of content already? You ain't seen nothing yet. Watch Jamie Brighton's session to learn how we're helping companies prepare with a content explosion:
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Experience Cloud Apr 3
We want to know your views on the future of marketing! Answer the below question to take part in the Experience Festival social chat. Q1: Which trend will have the most impact on creating customer experiences this year? Join in using 👇
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Are you ready for the next phase of the internet? You better be, says futurist Sophie Hackford.
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