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Terah Ram 11h
How CMO is building a framework for amidst in customer experience: via
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Forrester 10h
The driverless commuting experience will turn cars into a customer touch point.
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6 predictions on how AI will advance in 2018—and beyond.
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Podcast: Subway’s use of AI, how it works for the company, and the success it has enjoyed.
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Overall, CES 2018 was characterized by the proliferation of voice assistant technology into the “devices” all around us, the reimagining of the automotive experience, the rise of digital reflective surfaces, and IoT.
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Experts predict the car of the future will be self-driving, voice-activated, personalized, serve as your personal assistant, and completely connected. Step inside the car of the future.
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U.S. companies must view GDPR compliance as an organization-wide issue–and as a question of behavior as much as technology.
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Intelligent technologies and immersive experiences. Design-led thinking and data-heightened strategies. These are among the high-level predictions you'll find here--along with a few of our favorite articles from 2017--as we begin the new year.
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CMI Jan 21
. pinpoints 6 emerging technologies that will transform experiences in 2018. Virtual reality is one:
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Much of today’s greatest advertising work is driven by the seamless sound design, the cinematic scoring, or the carefully chosen music track that marries the picture and the narrative.
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We’re moving into a direction where consumers won’t always need a screen to interact with their devices.
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Inga Romanoff Jan 19
A strong roadmap must state a clear business end goal and the key milestones necessary to achieve it via
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Traditional change management so often fails because it doesn’t factor the personal impact of change.
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Here are some bold predictions on what the future of advertising looks like.
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Here's how the C-suite can harness innovation - the game changers - in their company:
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From ads that soar into our hearts with poetic melodies to spots perfectly paired with tracks from some of today’s most popular artists, here are some of the ads that have stood out as uniquely audio-driven and instantly memorable.
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One of the biggest challenges in digital transformation is the lack of digital expertise needed to lead purposeful, swift, and successful change across the enterprise.
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We took a look at a handful of companies that are using digital within their stores in unique and interesting ways. They will surely have a hand in shaping the store of the future.
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Smart brands - such as & - have embraced influencer marketing to enormous effect, but the channel remains troubling for many senior retail marketer decision-makers. Why?
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and machine learning technologies are taking on-boarding processes to the next level in the finance industry. Welcome to mobile banking 2.0:
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