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Chris Ingalls
NEW: We have finally learned the name of the man posing with WA neo-Nazi leader Kaleb Cole at the WWII death camp Auschwitz. He is Aidan Bruce-Umbaugh of WA. Just arrested in Texas with a car full of guns/ammo. Our latest Atomwaffen story on K5 at 5:
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WANaziWatch Nov 14
Replying to @CJIngalls @DawgMother
Just learned? It was in the docs from the beginning..
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Chris Ingalls Nov 25
Not quite. Docs said that Bruce-Umbaugh traveled to Europe with Kaleb Cole. But there was no concrete evidence that Bruce-Umbaugh was the second masked man in Auschwitz photo - until confirmed in the Texas case.
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Mostly Harmless Nov 14
Thanks for covering this. It's important
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Steve Volk Nov 14
Replying to @CJIngalls @russ_walker
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Francesca1225✡♋🌊🇺🇸 Nov 15
GET STEPHEN MILLER IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE TO ANSWER ABOUT HIS EMAILS! This will be 1 of the most important fight for our country & the innocent you will do in your career.Remember the privately owned facilities are making$$.Is Miller & thugs profiting?
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Tom Noble Nov 14
What aren’t family and friends eliminating these people. I doubt grandma is white nationalist if she she should be punished
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Syriz83 Nov 14
Another “very fine person” I suppose. Let the stories of his “troubled childhood” start pouring in to make excuses for another gringo terror attack
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L S Nov 14
Momma will be proud to visit in prison, where does all that hate come from....Trump is not helping. This reminds me of internet sources recruiting USA youth for ISIS fighters. American Nazis are homegrown Terrorists.
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