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Chris Blackburn
Did John Schindler tell you he was at Joseph Mifsud's Link Campus running a counter-intelligence course while George Papadopoulos was also there (x3) in the Summer of '16?
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John Sweeney 21 May 18
No. Didn't know, didn't ask him. Mifsud and Link were not on the radar then so attending a Link course isn't big potatoes. The big question remains: where is Professor Mifsud? A fiver for information...
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Chris Blackburn 21 May 18
They sure were. The NYT and The Guardian had all ran pieces on Link and it's ties to Italian intelligencs. Brian has also written loads about it. I'm pretty sure you mentioned the Saudi think-tank links in the article that followed. Brian and myself wrote about that too.
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Wayne Sida 6 May 19
Compelling case that Mifsud is western intelligence asset. The truth will out.
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