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What’s new with the visa and programs? Join Wednesday, Oct. 16, at 11:30am ET when hosts and and our own discuss the status of these programs.
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Save the date – Monday, Oct. 21, at 12pm ET – David Behen, CIO of , joins on the next CIO Leadership Live. Mark your calendar:
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How to develop diverse IT teams – , & explain how it takes a concerted effort to seek and hire diverse candidates, and create an environment where they can succeed. ➡️ Watch:
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Clint Boulton 19h
At , business and IT engineer success with via
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Tamara McCleary Oct 12
An achievable view of artificial intelligence via
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Glen Benjamin Oct 12
Have you dusted off your incident response plan? Every week (more like daily) we see headlines about a financial institution, local government that is hacked or has become the latest victim of ransomware. via
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Evan Kirstel in Denver for #CommvaultGO Oct 13
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Aneesh Nair Oct 13
The that earned you a seat at the table won't earn you a voice at the table. A new set of is essential for high-level cc
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If is the new oil, safe handling is essential to avoiding the digital equivalent of a toxic spill. It all begins with a strong policy.
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Help us build out a comprehensive report about . Take 10 minutes to fill out the 2020 IT Salary Survey from and . (You’ll also be eligible to win a $500 AmEx gift card)
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5 IT-business mistakes to avoid 💠 Ignoring conflict 💠 Failing to acknowledge differences 💠 Giving up early on communication 💠 Not keeping everyone in the loop 💠 Not developing liaison roles & skills ➡️ explains:
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All you need to know about total quality management – a company-wide strategy to continually improve processes and products to ensure
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How dark is your data? Think your data recovery plan is in tip-top shape? Take free data management assessment to find out how you compare to others. [Only takes 3-5 minutes!]
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Mohamad Ali Oct 9
Day 70 on the job: We appoint our 1st ever Global Editorial Director , overseeing 147 countries & 40+ languages. Quality content for tech readers. and more. Congrats Matt!
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If you’re ready to start welcoming into your workflow, here are 16 of the top tools for streamlining workflows.
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Hey, pros! If you have 10 minutes, take the 2020 IT Salary Survey from and . You’ll also be eligible to win a $500 AmEx gift card.
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. appoints Matt Egan, veteran technology journalist and content strategist, as first Global Editorial Director. Congratulations, !
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One reason why go the route: It helps prevent vendor lock-in. Learn more in ’s article, “Multi-cloud strategy: Pros, cons and tips” —
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