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Ex-Muslims Forum
should no longer call itself a free speech platform, it is only a platform for fundamentalists & SWJ's. Our spokesperson has been blocked for almost a month!
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Amina Lone 8 Oct 19
What on earth for?
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Ex-Muslims Forum 12 Oct 19
Alleged "transphobia". will be releasing a video about the whole thing shortly
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Stephen Evans 8 Oct 19
Blocked on what basis?
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Peter Ford 8 Oct 19
Replying to @CEMB_forum
* SJWs (I presume)
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Zara Kay 🇫🇷 8 Oct 19
Oh I'm banned on Facebook
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Obaid Omer 8 Oct 19
Social engineering networks
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Mike NGO 8 Oct 19
Its Unimaginable to think that and have taken a position against secularism.
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Roxane Exogamy-ist 8 Oct 19
Yes, unless arguing for closely held religious beliefs (including harmful ones) &/or Diversity* Equity* & Inclusion* speaking can be “problematic”. *caveats apply. Note, definitions can be changed depending on context resulting in uniformity, inequity, & exclusion.
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