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Felicia Latour
Today on , we hear the story of 17yo musician Afraaz Mulji, who lived in Tanzania and India before calling Lunenburg, NS home.
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Joe Sharpe 3 Dec 16
I heard the interview yesterday and was amazed at his ability to express himself clearly, considering his age!
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Felicia Latour 4 Dec 16
Thanks Joe! I'm sure it's not the last time we'll all be hearing about Afraaz :)
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Joe Sharpe 4 Dec 16
is the whole interview available online? I'd like for my wife to hear it.
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Felicia Latour 5 Dec 16
Replying to @razorjoey_joe
It isn't available online but we can send a copy via e-mail (let us know your email address at Thanks!
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