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CBC Calgary
The UCP modified this "6.9m" sign near prior to his newser today "to avoid mockery and innuendos online," according to
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Edwin Mar 22
Defacing public property?
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Janey Krakow Mar 22
Wait, the UCP can modify things to avoid mockery? Cool, do your leader next!
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karen Mar 22
Wanted to like this tweet, then I looked at its numbers. So, I'll say "nice" and leave it at that
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WireyOne Mar 22
Wait till figures out what a four way is.
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Ranting Canuck Mar 22
"Traffic Safety Act, section 111(1) - it is illegal to willfully deface or alter a traffic control device" Are there any laws that or the feel should actually apply to them?
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Loren S Mar 22
Good gravy that man's repressed!🤣😂😁😂
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Barbara Larochelle Mar 22
Are their followers a lot of eighth grade boys?
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Joanne 🇨🇦 Proud Okanagan Boomer 🇨🇦 Mar 22
I worked in Distance Ed for Post Secondary Ed...98% young males. It was laughable how many had email addresses with 69 as the number even though they were not born in 1969🤔😅🤔
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