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Brett McMurphy
Why wait for tonight’s title game? Here’s my way, way too early preseason Top 25 for for 2020. Top 10: 1-Clemson 2-Ohio State 3-LSU 4-Alabama 5-Auburn 6-Texas A&M 7-Oklahoma 8-Florida 9-Oregon 10-Iowa State
We already know -- it's way, way too early.
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Row the Boat and SKOL!!! Jan 13
Minnesota-no love, butIowa State somehow jumps to #10 🤣🤣🤣
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Drew Jan 13
No mention of Iowa in the entire article but ISU gets mentioned because they lost 6 games really close.
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Pierce Ransom Jan 13
Where is Georgia?
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NotToday Jan 13
Just east of Alabama and north of Florida.
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Greg Flugaur Jan 13
Minnesota 26? Come on Brett. You were the last person during 2019 season to project Gophers in a bowl game and now you don’t have Minnesota in top 15, hell, top 25 when they are returning 9 of 11 offensive starters? You can’t be serious with these rankings. Preposterous.
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11win season top10 team Jan 13
Iowa State in the top 10🤔
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Azn Hawkeye Jan 13
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Jon McClure Jan 13
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CFerrell Jan 13
Then you don’t know much about this year’s schedule, the 2020 schedule and who is coming back/arriving.
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