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📌PROF Bolanlè Cole Esq.🗨
The placards should rather read!!! “TINUBU OWN LAGOS AND Lagosians ARE HIS SLAVE. IGBO GO AND GET YOUR OWN MASTER”.
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📌PROF Bolanlè Cole Esq.🗨 Mar 2
Replying to @BolanleCole
Is Jimi Agbaje an IGBO Man?
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Penknight ♞ Mar 2
What is paining me is most of the so called Yoruba living in Lagos are not from Lagos. 😂😂😂
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TobiLoba Mar 2
Ekiti, Osun and Kwara Yorubas na dem full Lagos
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Izuu Mar 2
Real owners of Lagos must not allow tinubu to destroy their Lagos. Lagos is a melting pot (cosmopolitan) today because it was once capital before Abuja. If you want to depopulate Lagos, lobby Abuja to open seaports in the Eastern region, and Igbo will desert Lagos immediately.
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Prof AbleGod Mar 2
Lagos that can't withstand 2wks Xmas break. Please let them park well.
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Uwem Carlos PhD. by sworn affidavit. Mar 2
After collecting rice 😪😪😪they brought out banners😂😂😂
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Bobby Uyi-Ekpen Emokpae Henry 🇳🇬🇭🇹🇦🇺 Mar 2
Can never imagine myself participating in this type of childishness. Thank God for my education and exposure. Tinubu has really wrecked not only lagos but majority of the people living in it. I weep for my country Nigeria.
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