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Maria Pointer Nav Officer/SeaPilot (ret.)
When comes to my neighborhood it can be both exciting and frightening. From the start folks had concerns as we know security issues. I am easily identifiable, friendly wave with a surprised look, doing my before dinner routine evening shoot. Hope they had fun.
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KP Sep 15
Wait is it a gas car? Did he come in a gas car? Please tell me I am wrong!
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Maria Pointer Nav Officer/SeaPilot (ret.) Sep 15
Replying to @ParekhK @elonmusk
Your not expecting him to fly his car down with him? Maybe they are specially made security Chevy suburbans for safety with family?
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Pranav Gayatri Sep 15
I think heโ€™s there to get a briefing on the progress and something related to the event on the 28th
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A Tesla for the rest of us Sep 15
Always easy to discern which one he is.
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robert cy jones Sep 15
Would a scandal involving the Musk family be know as elongate? Asking for a fiend.
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Go to Gym Sep 15
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John Gardner Sep 15
Great job Maria!
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Allan Sep 15
Must poke the bear to be driven around in a competitors car, staff would be clenched Monday morning for the "hurry the F....Truck up" email...
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jurabilis Sep 15
Do you receive your fresh water from this tower?
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DNB V4.3 Sep 17
That place is a very nice place for enjoy!!
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