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via "There are almost 15,000 children behind bars whose 'most serious offense' wasn’t a crime."
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BlackedoutDreams 29 Nov 14
Replying to @PrisonPolicy
BTW we greatly appreciate the data mining work... very well illustrated. The "churn" figures are staggering (722,000 souls).
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Prison Policy Init. 29 Nov 14
Replying to @BlackedoutDream
Thanks. We have big plans for followups. Stay tuned.-peter
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shawki shamsan 30 Nov 14
stil behind bars without a this middleeast or USA
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Michael Hall 30 Nov 14
Why do the populace of this country sit out while we rapidly fall to bottom of intelligence.
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BlackedoutDreams 1 Dec 14
Replying to @AugustEve2012
it starts w humanizing the issue, adjusting our thoughts towards reform, & having a clear action plan. Many R just learning
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