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Winner of the 2015 Carter G. Woodson Award from the Association for the Study of African American Life and History and the National Education Association
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Born in Pelham, Georgia in 1954, Donnie Lee Cochran became a navy officer and was the 1st Af-Am commander of the Blue Angels, the navy's precision flying team. Click the link to read more: .🛫
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Brian Jones Nov 18
Great news for undergrads int'd in Af-Am, African, or Africana studies: the Schomburg-Mellon Humanities Summer Institute will continue in summer 2020! Info & application link are here:
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Amsterdam News Nov 18
Redemption: Finds Her Voice
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Learotha Williams Nov 18
A Blacksmith and Negro Goods for sale in Clarksville TN.
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Sankofa TravelHer Nov 18
On this day in 1994, Cab Calloway, jazz singer and bandleader passed away.
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NowThis Nov 18
This Black 15-year-old with a quadruple amputation was tackled by a police officer for reportedly knocking over a trash can
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LT Wynn 24h
The Decline of Historical Thinking
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Replying to @loumoore12
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I had to go back and listen again. “Entitled”? “Wants special treatment”? To be in the NFL, you have to be an “upstanding citizen—well, for the most part”? Sir, are you serious right now?
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NowThis 24h
‘The criminalization of marijuana has been such a big part of what has fueled America's system of mass incarceration’ — explains why she supports legalizing cannabis
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nick wright Nov 18
Once again, the conversation surrounding is being highjacked & the waters are being muddied. I tried to take a few minutes to set the record straight this morning. Similar to the piece I did 2 years ago, I truly believe this is worth your time.
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Sarah Eagle Heart✨ Nov 18
Race is the strongest predictor of clean water+sanitation access. Natives are @ 19x! A new report by + dives into America’s water access gap + shares solutions for how everyone can have access to clean water.
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Howard Thurman (1900-1981) via
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CBS This Morning Nov 18
Research shows black girls are much more likely to be punished in school than white girls. 13-year-old Samaya Dillard, who says she was dragged outside & left in the cold by her teacher in the 2nd grade, is bringing national attention to this issue. has the story:
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Patricia Bell-Scott Nov 18
Nov 20 is Pauli Murray’s 109th birthday and I’m re-reading her memoir, SONG IN A WEARY THROAT, which begins: “My first memory is of standing on the floor of our kitchen in Baltimore when I was around three, entangled in my mother’s billowing white skirts to which I clung, , ,
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Newsday Nov 17
Newsday sent people undercover with hidden cameras to go house hunting on Long Island. Did real estate agents treat our testers of different races the same?
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Omega Psi Phi Nov 16
In our 108 years, our collective achievements and perseverance have taken us from our genesis at Howard University to the premier organization for men of color, serving communities via 750 chapters in 14 countries....Happy Founders' Day .
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Nov 17: The Albany (GA) Mvmt was a desegregation campaign formed in 1961. It included activists from SNCC, the NAACP, & other orgs. The movement sought to end racial segregation & discrimination. Learn more about it here: . 📷GA Archives (dgh231-86)
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Nov 17: Born in 1952 in Soweto, Cyril Rampahosa is the 5th president of South Africa. The successful businessman is one of the richest people in South Africa. He served as secretary-general (1991-97) of the ANC & worked closely with Nelson Mandela. ➡️
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