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Bill Kristol
Of those in the administration working to save America from Trump: "We admire them. We wish them every success."
Two days after the 2016 election, we had this to say about Donald Trump’s stunning victory: “We opposed him early and often, and we didn’t think he’d win. We lamented his ignorance, criticized his...
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Ron Dufresne Aug 4
Replying to @BillKristol
Will anyone challenge Trump in the 2020 primary? Unless there's a fundamental shift, Trump will be smoked in Independent-heavy swing states.
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Muslims for America Aug 4
Replying to @BillKristol @ACLU
We should add, thanks for They have helped with things like the Travel Ban.Hopefully will work on this reduction in immigrants policy.
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Oh Susie Cue 🔹 Aug 4
Replying to @BillKristol
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