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Bill Kristol
The 2-fold assault on makes the case for a coalition of anti-Trump conservatives & anti-intolerance liberals for libl demy.
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Corin Hoggard Apr 30
Thoughtful moderates?
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Ali Minai Apr 30
Being oppposed to climate change denial is not "intolerance".
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DDR Apr 30
An assault? Get a grip. Some subscribers want to voice their dislike by cancelling. I'm more concerned w/ Duterte being invited to our WH
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Kurt Schlichter Apr 30
Or maybe you could dirty your hands and side with the people who voted for Trump precisely because the NYT fiasco is HRC's mindset.
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Lisa Daly Lehmann Apr 30
As a civics junkie on the left, amen to this. Liberal democracy is under threat like never before in my lifetime.
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