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Victoria Barrett Jan 19
Former poor kids: what are some things you have in your house that you *never* had as a kid, things your not-poor friends would never consider luxuries?
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Amy Dickinson Jan 19
Replying to @victoriabwrites
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Barbara Haage
My grandmother told me she was an adult before she ever heard of not liking a food. If there was food, you ate it.
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Marsheila Rockwell the Word Witch 😷✍🏼📚✨🔮⚰️💀🔪 Jan 20
OMG, this. You NEVER complained about food served to you because at least you were eating that day.
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nat • ey/em/eir Jan 20
I grew up in this situation but because I had ARFID (picky eating but the psychological disorder of it) I just didn't eat. I was berated for it and it was traumatizing. I hate how poverty teaches this.
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Harlow Kelly (The Delightfully Dark) Jan 20
Right? I never knew you could turn your nose up at food until I witnessed it at a friend's house. Even then I'd feel too ashamed to ever refuse a meal. I ate what my mama made and never complained.
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Richard Jan 21
My Mother-in-law ate beaver tales that the local fur trappers anonymously dropped off at their family home as food was so tight. Too poor to be picky.
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Squeeze of Lime Jan 25
If we didn't finish our plates we got whipped with a belt for wasting food. I can't stand the thought of beans and cornbread. Not once as an adult have I willingly made a pot of soup beans. I just can't.
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