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BBC Reality Check
Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak said on Sky News: "I think it’s worth pointing out, the EU is pretty much the only place in the world that doesn’t use free ports”. He's wrong - the EU has more than 80 free ports (or free zones).
Boris Johnson suggests that the UK does not have free ports or tax-free areas because of its EU membership.
BBC News (UK) BBC News (UK) @BBCNews
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Monsignor it's all Corbyn's fault. Feb 10
is absolutely aware of this, so he was lying, call it what it is, FFS !
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Margaret🕷 #Starmer4Leader🌹🌹 #RejoinEU 🇪🇺🇪🇺 Feb 10
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Imran Hasan Feb 10
Replying to @BBCRealityCheck
It’s not news anymore that a Tory has again lied.
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graham hind Feb 10
"Tory Tells Truth" is a headline I would really like to see but I fear it is not currently possible.
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Allan Rankine 🗳 Feb 10
As usual BBC reality check and providing a very misleading picture. EU doesn’t have Free Ports in the normal global sense. The UN says: “The EU allows free zones within its territory but its definition of free zone is a very narrow one.”
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Guy de Jonquières Feb 11
1. Anyone who thinks Chris Morris and Reality Check present a misleading picture clearly has a very casual relationship with truth. Morris’s reports are scrupulously fair, accurate and an essential corrective to politicians’ misstatements such as Sunak’s. It is regrettable
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George Kerevan Feb 10
Richard - Scotland does not need Free Ports. They DIVERT jobs, lose tax revenue, subvert environmental regs and undermine domestic companies. must avoid them.
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Mum of Fat Cassie Feb 10
He knows he's wrong. So therefore he is lying. Call it what it is.
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The Fluffy Mouse Feb 10
Indeed! This is just utterly tragic as he knows he's wrong, but there are people out there who will believe him because "he's on their team"! They just cannot see the utter contempt he has for them!
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Jonathan Faull Feb 10
Please correct your statement that the EU has no free ports. List here
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