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BBC Newsnight
"Of course he should resign. It’s a scandal." Labour MP responds to comments made by Jacob Rees-Mogg, who said it would have been "common sense" to flee the Grenfell Tower fire, ignoring fire brigade advice. 22:30 |
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Karen L Edwards Nov 5
Ummmm Baroness Lawrence 🤔.
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Paul Woodham Nov 5
You can bet that doesn't count.
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albert house Nov 5
And you should resign for sleeping on the job
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Gemma Perman Nov 5
That’s 2 resignations for this clown then!
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Paul John Howden Nov 5
Any normal person would question the sense of staying in a building. I know I would . We always told get out and stay out ! It’s second nature
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Nuggets Nov 5
Exactly, I don’t know how i’d react if my life was on the line. I think self preservation would kick in and I don’t think I would listen to a voice on the end of a phone telling me to stay put if I wanted to get the hell out of the situation. Common sense. Instinct, whatever.
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Dave Devonport Nov 5
Lammy says another MP should resign. Now there's a novelty !
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MPterminator Nov 5
Party politics at it's worst as they all jump on the bandwagon over something that has been misrepresented by the media. JRM was speaking in relation to how one might react in future given the advice to stay inside.
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Damyon Nov 5
That isn't what he said though (until after it was brought to his attention that his condescension was showing)
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PeterC Nov 5
But he won't, he is spineless
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