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BBC Newsnight
Helen Thomas, former George Osborne adviser, says indicative votes “provide cover” and act as a record for how MP’s acted. She says “it suits a lot of people to pin a bad Brexit on Theresa May” |
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Garnhiem. 26 Mar 19
Why isn’t the BBC asking why MP’s are point blank refusing to do their jobs, robbing the tax payer and attempting to avoid responsibility at any cost?
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jimbomckenbo 26 Mar 19
There needs to be a scapegoat for the undeliverable, else the tories wont receive a vote again
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Peter 26 Mar 19
Exactly! These duplicitous cowards need to be out in the open! I am so ashamed of our Parliament; I gave no respect for what they are trying to do. Democracy is the casualty! Need to drain that swamp!
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PetaLTV 27 Mar 19
Very well said (as usual).
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Alan Loader 27 Mar 19
Helen Thomas telling it how it is!
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BlondeMoney 27 Mar 19
Was it though Alan
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Basil Bushel, Esq. 26 Mar 19
Ben Bradley MP, anyone?
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Liverpool Fire 26 Mar 19
It is all Maybots fault. She has failed in every way.
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BlondeMoney 26 Mar 19
Replying to @BBCNewsnight @reziemba
here you go
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