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BBC Countryfile
While found solace in the landscapes of the UK and beyond, many in Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups see the countryside as being a white environment
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Simon Kelly Jun 29
If you are getting so triggered by this, I'm guessing they were probably spot on.
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Jan G Jun 28
I can’t believe the absolute rubbish I’m watching on here
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mark stratford Jun 29
So glad I missed it as it was on earlier that usual.... stirring up and creating conflict!
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Jayne Jones Jun 28
Just reading the comments on here proves that racism is rife in UK, with no attempt to hide it.
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Paul Jun 28
I never heard such bollocks in my life. Truly outrageous claim. The countryside is open to everyone, always has been and the people that frequent it have no such beliefs whatsoever.
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Catriona Thomas Jun 28
It may be ‘open’, but that doesn’t mean people feel welcome or included.
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Laura Jun 28
As a mixed person, living in semi rural Wales, I've never experienced racism in the countryside, I find people welcoming and friendly, long as you are the same towards them. Noone is stopping anyone visiting the countryside regardless of colour. Historically it's white, so what??
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Tamsin Wilson Jun 28
I'm mixed and grew up in a village and experienced plenty of racism. Tons of lovely people as well, obviously. Very glad you didn't have unpleasant experiences. One person can't speak for everyone, the country and countryside is a big place.
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