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BBC Breakfast
“I can’t give Helen that last goodbye” was told her daughters killer was released yesterday. In an exclusive interview she tells Helen’s Law is too late for her.
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Janice Coon Feb 6
This is shameful.
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Red_Tabby 😻🐴🎾 Feb 6
This poor lady is serving a life sentence she will never have any peace, so wrong
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Neil Gillingham - Grandson to Carole Packman Feb 6
My heart is breaking for Marie, for her family and for everyone else going through the similar process. As Marie puts it, I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy
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Suzanne Feb 6
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Leafy Feb 6
Absolutely heartbreaking. Why couldn't they keep him in prison until Helens law could be bought in. I don't understand how he could be freed when he has withheld where Helen is. Mary, you're going through hell but don't give up hope.
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Brenda Armstrong Feb 6
Poor marie has spent the best part of her life looking for the remains of her beautiful daughter helen. She has been the strongest woman I know and my heart goes out to her. I can only imagine how she must be feeling today because I know how upset I am. God bless you marie
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A Voice For Conner Feb 6
The strength of a mothers love should never be underestimated. Myself, & all parents of murdered children understand the heartbreak & torture Marie feels. Admiration & sadness for her courage is beyond miraculous & inspiring.
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The Josh Hanson Trust Feb 10
The justice system is so far removed from the impact that this is having on Marie. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see her pain and to watch this man walk free while she is still denied justice💗
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Jacqui Sinnott-Lacey Feb 6
How can this be right? Love to Marie x
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Dee Edwards MBE @R&K Feb 7
Heartbreaking. How utterly cruel that Marie fought for so long and no sooner does she win the campaign and Sims is released. The law is a disgrace and the parole board should not be nameless or faceless
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