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BBC Breakfast
BREAKING: Lawyer for the family of tells that they were 'ambushed' by when he tried to spring a surprise meeting with the woman involved in the crash that killed their son
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Eugene Morice Oct 15
This is horrible. Trump seems to have had no idea of what.these people have suffered.This guy continues to treat his presidency as some kind of bizzare reality TV show with himself as the star. Sickening.
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JT Oct 15
That was what I was thinking There child died and they are getting the run around What is the kid was brown or a refugee?
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David Montague Oct 15
It is outrageous that the USA allowed Anne Sacoolas to escape the UK and Justice via USA Military transporter plane and now they are refusing to adhere to the Extradition Treaty of 2003! No wonder there have only been 7-US compared to the 33-UK extraditions!
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Mike Wood Oct 15
Credit to Trump for meting the family. I’m not sure any UK PM would be as accommodating if the role was reversed. He didn’t sanction sacoolas fleeing and it appears he wasn’t too happy about it.
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Simon Oct 15
Crap not credit. There were photographers waiting. Trump set it up to make himself look good. If that’s even possible. But it backfired when these grieving parents were told point blank she wouldn’t be returning. Utterly appalling.
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F1 Fanatic #TeamLH Oct 15
Unfortunately this has now been turned into a Circus ! Interviews on all the big US TV shows ,tears smae thing over & over again ! Of course its tragic but as has been said Is it compensation they really want ! The woman wont return would you ?
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Sammy O'Sullivan Oct 15
...I wouldn’t have left in the first places!
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evie Oct 16
It has to be done legally now, she won’t surrender herself and it doesn’t seem will send her. Next step has to be taken.
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DTagg64 Oct 15
This is what happens when someone with narcissistic personality disorder tries to get involved in delicate issues involving actual human beings. Zero empathy, zero tact.
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