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The inimitable tells the about a hilarious moment while recording the audiobook for and the Prisoner of Azkaban. 😂
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(some quirky sanskrit name) Jul 7
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maia sutherland Jun 7
That is lovely x
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Darryl Hughes Jun 10
Both Stephen and Chris Riddell (the illustrator) were awesome at the Hay Festival, during this performance. Stephen very kindly stayed behind to sign books and gave one of Chris’ illustrations to our children
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Boho Sapien Jun 10
This is genius. It really is very hard to say 'Harry pocketed it' out loud. Try it! (Right this second, wherever you are and whoever you are with.😁)
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Xoán Jul 7
Nice bants from Rowling :D 100% she laughed every time she wrote it specifically to wind up Stephen.
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Emma Pinnington Nov 14
Replying to @BBC @stephenfry and 2 others
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alessandrov Jun 7
Different language, same problem here:
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jessica nolan-bowers Jun 7
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