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Scientists are working to unravel many of the "whys" behind but like many other infections, all roads lead to sepsis. Find out what clinicians & other healthcare experts are saying about recognizing sepsis in COVID-19.
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Mariano May 18
Replying to @BARDA
Aspergillosis in severe-COVID-19 patients seems equally in need of attention, in need of treatment (even prophylactic), too.
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Chris Brearley May 21
Replying to @BARDA @AstraZeneca
Why did you give $1bn for a vaccine that has already shown in trials that it doesn't actually work? Who got rich out of this deal?
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Mark May 18
Replying to @BARDA
Cmon... "in the Moderna study, three participants developed fever and other flu-like symptoms when they received the vaccine at a dose of 250 micrograms". So high doses if Moderna vaccine makes you sick with the Flu?
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Brian Schrank May 18
Replying to @Patentplay @BARDA
You must have your money on a different horse...Is that what this is about?
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