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Auschwitz Memorial
Selling "Christmas ornaments" with images of Auschwitz does not seem appropriate. Auschwitz on a bottle opener is rather disturbing and disrespectful. We ask to remove the items of those suppliers.
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Raye 🌻 Dec 1
Why would you want this on your Christmas tree? Why would you even think this is a good idea at all??? This is so ???????
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jendziura Dec 1
There are Chinese sellers who use software to load up millions of print-on-demand products, crossing a database of blank items with a database of stock photos. Hence the “wall decal of old woman with asthma inhaler” from a few years back
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Siobhan Dec 1
What is wrong with people? Who would buy that let alone make it?
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The Ian Weir Holiday Special! Dec 1
I think/hope that this isn’t a deliberate listing, rather a computer grabs images and puts them on generic ornaments. If (God forbid) someone were to purchase them, then they would make one. A similar thing happened at Sears where they sold a lewd Nintendo character on a pillow.
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ΝΞΙL M Dec 1
I have emailed the seller and asked for the items to be removed and explained the reason why. Looking at their products, I believe it is computer generated and they haven't realised what image is being used.
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Kat A Dec 1
You've done something constructive, hopefully the products will be removed and destroyed immediately.
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Jennifer Blakeslee Dec 1
I just reported this using the customer service chat in the Amazon app (not the bot; you have to click “still need help,” so you get an actual person). Let’s all do this ASAP, please!!
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🇨🇦 🎄 🎄 ♀️NeinerNeiner1 🎄🎄 Dec 1
I live chatted with someone at Amazon Canada a bit ago. Likely they will only take care of it in Canada. The USA site may have more ability to pull it world wide.
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Glenn Bate Dec 1
The people who would buy this is most probably like the person I witnessed taking photos in the room at Auschwitz full of human hair seconds after entering and being asked to not to take photographs. So sad that people cannot show respect.
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Cassie Black Dec 1
There were people doing the same thing in that room when I visited. How hard is it to just show a little bit of respect!
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