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Ari Fleischer
How can be party to this? This is a deceptive practice carried out by NBC. The media has changed and fallen from what they used to be. NBC News’ ‘Undecided’ Voters Previously Featured as Biden Supporters on MSNBC
A pair of Florida voters declared their support for Democratic nominee Joe Biden on MSNBC just weeks before NBC News called them "undecided" during a network town hall with the former vice president.
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Thunder Oct 6
That’s simple Lester’s paycheck
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Kira Ravenwood Oct 6
Hi , You’ve endorsed Lester Holt more than once. Thoughts on this scandal??
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HuskerMAGAFan Oct 6
If they really cared, they'd also push back and ask some tough questions
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Your Pet Dentist Oct 6
Horrific. But expected
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Louis Hensler III Oct 6
I'm going to choose to assume Holt didn't know.
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Two Deer Oct 6
Sickening assumption.
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Dale Schrock Oct 6
You can’t make this stuff up.. if wins this election it will seal the deal on ineffectiveness of the MSM and it will be clear that the jig is up! They will be humiliated and may have to retool!
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Sapphire Blue Oct 7
FYI Fox News is main stream media too
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Mostly peaceful Mandy ☕🦋🇺🇸🎃 Oct 6
Media no longer exists anymore. They are campaigning for Joe Biden
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MarcoPelli Oct 7
All the more reason for Americans to tune out. But they're betting people don't have the willpower to do it.
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