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Andrew Roth
Russian uses flight records to show that likely third suspect in Skripal case is a 45-year-old Sergey Fedotov (probably a cover name) who traveled with Chepiga and Mishkin in 2014 and has passport series tied to GRU.
Чешские СМИ заявили, что Сергей Скрипаль подвергался слежке российских спецслужб минимум с 2014 года.За ним в Прагу вылетали Александр Петров и Руслан Боширов, впоследствии обвиненные в покушении на...
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Matthew Bodner Oct 10
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ABELL 1689 Oct 10
. We all from Video, we all demand translation, as well . Yes please, hear our words: .
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Ben Cohen Oct 11
We should be asking for answers about the and Bellingcat – and not just from Russia | The Independent
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lucca bone Oct 11
I'm sure Bot Cohen won't read this but for anyone else passing by and seeing his link, here is what you should read subsequently:
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Aleš Oct 11
Tzech president Zeman is also Russsian agent - so we can't se any comment this case from president speaker Ovčáček. Tzech premier Babiš is agent former comunist STB - so we can't here him about this case.
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