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American Partisan
The right needs to get smart and stop relying on the enemy’s platform. Own your words and videos...have a plan when the digital pogrom happens. Pro tip: what if the only reason you’re still allowed on social media is pattern analysis and human terrain mapping?
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Miss Patsy Cline Oct 18
And I will say it again. That tip is 100%.
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LOP_ Actual Oct 17
Replying to @AmericanPartis1
Cambridge analytica and the others have already processed who we all are. The data let's them know where are heads are at. But they they can only theorize about our hearts and grit.
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American Partisan Oct 17
Replying to @ActualLop @EASYMONEY75
A list on digital paper is one thing. One updated daily by the people you’re keeping track of in almost real time and the ability to overlay that with their contacts and geolocation is another. I now also can strategically remove the key people. Read this.
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