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Before hitting the hardwood in 's Blobfish Classic 🏀, met with members serving with . Senator Cruz played on behalf of Generation One, a Houston nonprofit and site focused on childhood education.
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Debby Hunter 18 Jun 18
That's great! Meantime was leading a march to detention centers holding children. Cruz supports this horrendous policy of separating families.
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Jerry Wilson 18 Jun 18
GREAT TEAM GREAT CHALLANGE to see OUT Houston Bunch HEPING KIDS , LETs GEt more games To charity Strengthen toughen , soften the Hard baked muffins
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Dottie Bo Bo 18 Jun 18
AMERICORPS is a sham & does NOT do the job it was designed to do! NOT interested in kids, interested in OWN PERSONAL ISSUES like LGBT & minority. What a shame!
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Andrew 18 Jun 18
I was about ready to cheer hoorah's for you while you were questioning IG Horowitz But in the last 10 sec you took the ball an scored 10 in the wrong basket..2 pts for ea. Bias, bias, bias, bias bias,runaway slam dunk ? IG how on earth did you arrive at a conclusion of no bias?
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Casi Argi 18 Jun 18
"Ted Cruz, Son of a Refugee, Tells Syrian Refugees to Go Home"
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Tim Ber Jun 19
Is Crus going 2 milk this 2 November? He's done absolutely nothing except fear & go along w/Drumpf. On behalf of toddlers, I'll vote 4 Beto.
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