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Aloxy offers a modular IoT platform for the petrochemical industry. We improve safety, efficiency and deliver actionable insights into industrial operations
Tweets May 6
"Door cocreatie naar een topproduct” - interview met
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imec Apr 16
. develops wireless and plug-and-play solutions to track the valves’ position in real-time. Discover their demo & 55 others at the demo floor of (May 14-15, Antwerp).
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All ready to show our latest developments at ⁦the ⁩ booth ⁦
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imec Mar 18
Ready to explore the future? Join us at FutureSummits, imec’s 2 day tech experience. Get your ticket now & don’t miss this opportunity to leap into the tech future: |
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Using and actively participating in an open source IoT platform and exposing open API’s to our customers for integrating the IoT platform aligns perfectly with our vision
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Jan Coppens Nov 28
Industrie 4.0 en als één van de belangrijkste domeinen van innovatie in Vlaanderen.
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The Beacon Oct 29
[📺 TV SHOWS] , professor at - , CTO at and resident of is one of the experts on the tv show "Team Scheire" on Canvas! You can watch the show every Monday 📍 as from Today, at 21h20 👉 
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Silicon Valley aan de Schelde
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imec.istart Sep 28
Hurry, you have only 4 days left to submit your proposal. Let the imec.istart program help your company succeed 💫 Apply here:
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The Beacon Sep 28
Today we had the honor to welcome our first enthusiastic visitors since our official launch; Dominique Leroy, Bart Van Den Meersche and Jan Manssens. Welcome to our hub, . Let’s connect everyone and everything!
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Dirk Diels Sep 27
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"The Europeans have been busy innovating in Digital AI and IIoT”
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OSS-7 Sep 12
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dash7 alliance Sep 19
Aloxy, Bringing DASH7 to the petrochemical industry just raised 2M€!!!
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Antwerp.SRL Sep 10
Aloxy, a spin-off of the University of Antwerp and imec, that develops plug-and-play Internet of Things technology for the process and chemical industry, closes its Series A funding.
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Exciting times ahead! Aloxy raises €2M to launch its IoT solution for the chemical industry
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Imec Magazine - Manuele bediening van handels en kleppen in de petrochemie gebeurt vaak nog manueel. Imec spin-off  ontwikkelde een betaalbare oplossing voor automatisatie, met behulp van sensoren.
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Another milestone today!
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Jan Coppens Jun 30
Featured in imec Magazine: IoT platform for the process industry
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Business in Antwerp Jun 14
In het voormalige Tolhuis wordt IoT-hub The Beacon ontwikkeld. Na een eerste werden al 10 spraakmakende -bedrijven geselecteerd. Zo werd al de helft van ingevuld. Ontdek de eerste namen op
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