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Alison Mastrangelo
VIDEO: I had a chance to talk with former Braves third baseman about his path that led him to signing with the .
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Mike In Kennesaw Jan 17
Who cares what he has to say, he's dead to me.
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baseball boi Jan 17
Blame the Braves, not Donaldson. He said in this that it wasnt the same deal he was offered essentially. The Braves got Acuna and Albies for an absolute STEAL. We could afford Donaldson. Braves were being cheap/overly cautious here.
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Adam Jan 17
man he really doesn't sound like he wants to play for the twins "they, their, they, I mean OUR"
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Carl Jan 17
he's at a golf tournament right now in the middle of January, if he's still saying "their lineup" in the middle of August yeah then there might be some issues.
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Industrial Tape Jan 17
Replying to @AlisonWSB @wsbtv and 2 others
We wont forget you, Bringer of ... .158 postseason batting average 2019 (on back of the card). Loved the surprise for your mom though...
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Brett DeLawyer, A Deñial Correlatioñ Jan 17
Now do Freddie... Cc:
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PC Police Jan 17
At least he was honest about why. It’s almost like he was bummed that he’s going to the Twins. Referring to Twins as “their team”, “their stadium” & “their lineup”. No ownership. He’s not happy leaving the Braves.
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trails Jan 17
He’s already a millionaire. Final contact as a mlb player. Maybe he was deciding between WS and money? The Braves were certainly thinking that way 😒but I can’t blame him. The Braves on the other hand...
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Scott Dawson Jan 17
Welcome to the Josh 😎
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