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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
"The WHO must immediately identify the lab that produced and spread the virus, as well as the other centers that supported the biological war against humanity."
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Πάνος Mar 10
hey man we we missed you Where've You Been???
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Football Anarchy Mar 10
Dr Ahmadinejad has been diligently and assertively investigating the origins of COVID-19. Rest assured, with Dr Ahmadinejad on the case, the perpetrator of this dastardly crime against humanity will be exposed.
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NJ Savant Scribe Mar 10
Many of us in the U.S. would like to know that too. I think this was a biological weapon, but I don't think it was released on purpose. I think the priority should be helping countries infected, including Iran, which looks like he needs help. I hope your country gets well soon.
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the 'adam' slur Mar 10
sir, thank you. we can always rely on you to tell the truth
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Anna Orkiter Mar 10
It was either a natural virus or an accident. An infected bat from an experiment pissed/bit a scientist. It’s was an accident. I did research in university, I had to kill mice. They had a genetic disease. The mice sometimes tried to bite me. They shit/piss. Price of medicine!
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Enuo Mar 10
>trusting china Same china that didnt deny its a bio weapon,same china that had researchers saying it was a bioweapon, same china that stole virus from laboratories in canada,same china that bought people to develop coronavirus in wuhan laboratory
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Jason CEO iPaack Blogger Mar 11
Dear sir, We need cintamani stones in Qom and other places in Iran, and Daegu and other places in  South Korea, to be planted as soon as possible. Anybody located in or near those cities willing to assist can contact for instructions.
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