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Agnes Callard Jun 25
Sincerely can't tell which threatens culture of free thought & expression more: de-anonymizing & destroying a (rightly) treasured blog for no good reason increasingly allowing external mobs (w/powerful members) influence over what it publishes 1/2
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Mark Swan Jun 25
Replying to @AgnesCallard @nytimes
What about the possibility that the person you're trying to persuade is not being honest with himself about an issue, but by showing him that you have the support of many intelligent, thoughtful people, it makes it harder for him to rationalize his policy to himself?
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Agnes Callard
Good thought. I think if there were some way for the document (which wouldn't then be a petition) to convey: "this is what we think but if, after careful deliberation, you sill believe that you are doing the right thing, we will support your decision"-I might feel differently.
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