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aba atlas
Names Aba Atlas and I dont know how to use twitter.
aba atlas 6h
Listen, I know it's cold but if you come trick or treating in Spiderman outfit with a Canada goose jacket on, you ain't getting shit kid. Can't wear a superheroes outfit while wearing drug dealers jacket. Either sling webs or sling drugs but don't ruin Spiderman.
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aba atlas Oct 12
Ya'll listen to killers, drug dealers, fiends with no qualms... But if the snitch wants to drop a new record now you wanna be outraged cuz you got morals? Okay...
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aba atlas Oct 10
World: NC is trsnsphobic because of their bathroom bill. NBA: We're getting involved by stripping NC of the All Star game. World: China is taking over Hong Kong!Halp! NBA: New phone, who dis?
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aba atlas 2 May 13
Dunno how to use twitter. So I will leave you with this gif.
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