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AFP news agency
China's blood smugglers. AFP's uncovers the underground network smuggling blood samples of pregnant women to Hong Kong to skirt mainland China's gender testing ban. The trade thrives on the huge demand for illicit sex-selective abortion
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AFP news agency May 21
Replying to @AFPgraphics
AFP chart showing the population imbalance between boys and girls in China
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FAULTfinder May 21
Replying to @AFP @AFPgraphics
obvious ... more men than women ... planning an army for the future ... I do not know ... invader ... maybe?
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lokman tsui May 21
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Bala May 21
Replying to @AFP @catherinehslai
Business as usual
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Mei Fong/ 方凤美 May 22
Replying to @lokmantsui @AFP and 2 others
Funny I just mentioned this to . They dont need those scanners anymore, it’s all “the blood’s in the mail.”
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